Product IDProduct Description Description
105023Him Hdpe 24X24 6Mic Rl 1000/Cs Liner. Natural Coreless. Food contact use approved - FDA Reg. 21 CFR 177.1520. Coreless roll dispenser available.
105029Him Hdpe 24X33 8Mic 12-16 Gal 1000/Cs Liner. Natural Coreless. Food contact use approved - FDA Reg. 21 CFR 177.1520. Coreless roll dispenser available.
105030Him Hdpe 24X33 16Mic Liner 500/CsLiner. Natural Coreless. Food contact use approved - FDA Reg. 21 CFR 177.1520. Coreless roll dispenser available.
105032Him Hdpe 28X50 19Mic Liner 250/CsLiner. Natural Coreless. Food contact use approved - FDA Reg. 21 CFR 177.1520. Coreless roll dispenser available.
110110 22X16X58 Gray 100/Cs
11195940X46 Clear 125/Cs
11196023X10X39 .9Mil Black 150/Cs
11196243X47 White .9Mil 100/Cs
11196338X58 Clear 2Mil 100/Cs
11197815X9X32 .35Mi Black 1000/Cs
11198116X14X36 .55M Black 250/Cs
11198316X14X36 .65 Mil 250/Cs Black
11198523X10X39 .55Mil Black 250 /Cs
11198723X10X39 .7Mil Black 250/Cs
11198923X17X46 .55Mil Black 250/Cs
11199123X17X46 .7Mil Black 125/Cs
11199223X20X47 .7Mil Black 100
11199416X14X36 1.1Mil Gray 250/Cs
11199522X14X58 .7Mil Black 200/Cs
11200015X9X32 .55Mil Black 500/
11200122X16X58 .7Mil Black 200/Cs
11200215X9X32 .9Mil Black 500/Cs
11200330X36 1.1Mil Black 250/Cs
11200433X39 1.1Mil Black 100/Cs
11200533X39 1.3Mil Black 100/Cs
11200633X39 1.8Mil Black 100/Cs
112007M6639Wk 33X39 1.8Mil Black 100/Cs
11200823X17X46 1.2Mil Black 100/Cs
11200940X46 1.3Mil Black 100/Cs
11201043X46 1.3Mil Black 100/Cs
11201124X22X50 1.1Mil Gray 100/Cs
11201222X16X58 1.2Mil Black 100/Cs
11201338X58 1.3Mil Black 100/Cs
11201438X58 1.8Mil Black 100/Cs
112015M7658Wk 38X58 1.8Mil Blk 100/Cs
112016H6036Tw 30X36 .9Mil Wh 200/Cs
11201718X8X42 .9Mil White 200/Cs
11201822X16X58 .9Mil White 100/Cs
11202113X4X17 .35Mil Clear 1000/Cs
112022H3417Rc 17X17 .35Mil Clr 1000/Cs
11202312X8X21 .35Mil Clear 1000/Cs
11202415X9X23 .35Mil Clear 1000/Cs
11202516X14X36 .40Mil Clear 250/Cs
11202616X14X36 .55Mil Clear 250/Cs
112027H6036Mc 30X36 .55Mil Clr 250/Cs
11202816X14X36 .7Mil Clear 250/Cs
11202923X10X39 .45Mil Clear 250/Cs
11203023X10X39 .7Mil Clear 250/Cs
11203123X10X39 1.1Mil Clear 250/Cs
11203223X17X46 .55Mil Clear 250/Cs
1120446037Mnr01 30X37 10Mic Nat 20/25/Cs
112045Z4048Hnr01 40X48 13MicNat 10/25
112054A6030Prr01 30X30 1.3Mil Red 10/25/Cs
11205830X37 8Mic Natural 20/25/Cs
11206024X22X50 3Mil Grn 50/Cs
11206136X58 1.3Mil Red 100/Cs
11206318X12X45 .9Mil White 200/Cs
11206433X40 22Mic Black 10/25/Cs
11206524X33 6Mic Natural 1000/Cs
11206723X17X46 .7Mil Clear 250/Cs
11206836X60 17Mic Natural 8/25/Cs
11206923X20X47 1.1Mil Clear 100/Cs
11207022X14X58 .7Mil Clear 200/Cs
11207122X16X58 .7Mil Clear 200/Cs
11207238X65 1.35Ml Clear 50/Cs
11207312X8X21 .35Mil Black 1000/Cs
112074H4021Rb 20X21 .35Mil Blk 1000/Cs
11207515X9X23 .35Mil Black 500/Cs
11207615X9X23 .55Ml Black 500/Cs
112077H4823Hb 24X23 .55Mil Black 500/Cs
11207815X9X23 .55Mil Clear 500/Cs
112079H4823Hc 24X23 .55Mil Clr 500/Cs
11208033X40 1.5Mil Sil 100/Cs
11208143X48 1.5Mil Sil 50/Cs
11208239X46 1.7Mil Sil 50/Cs
11208339X56 1.7Mil Sil 50/Cs
11208526X24X48 2Mil Black 100/Cs
11208630X14X55 1.6Mil Gray 100/Cs
11208723X20X47 1.1Mil Gray 100/Cs
112088H8647Sg 43X47 1.1Mil Gry 100/Cs
11208923X17X46 1.1Mil Clear 100/Cs
11209033X40 12Mic Blue 20/25/Cs
11209220X22 6Mic Natural 40/50/Cs
11209338X58 1.3Mil Black 10/10/Cs
11209443X47 1.1Mil Black 10/10/Cs
11209538X58 1.7Mil Blue 5/10/Cs
11209643X47 1.1Mil White 10/10/Cs
112097Z6640Mgr01 33X40 11Mic Gry 20/25/Cs
11209824X24 8Mic Natural 20/50/Cs
112101 43X48 14Mic Natural 8/25/Cs
112102 33X40 13Mic Natural 20/25/Cs
112104 40X48 16Mic Black 10/25/Cs
112106 29X38 .9Mil Blue 250/Cs
112107A4824Prr 24X24 1.3Ml 20/25/Cs
112108 33X39 Black 1.5Mil 100/Cs
112109 22X14X58 Black .9Mil 100/Cs
112112 24X32 Gray 10/50/Cs
112113 16X14X36 Brown 250/Cs .40Mil
112114 33X39 Gray 10/25/Cs
112116 23X17X46 3Mil Red 75/Cs
112117 43X48 1.5Mil Gray 5/20/Cs
112118 24X33 .35 Clear 20/50/Cs
112119 43X48 22Mic Natural 6/25/Cs
112120 40X46 Gray 250/Cs
112121 43X47 Gray 150/Cs
112122 43X46 1.8Mil Black 100/Cs
112123 23X20X47 .9Mil Black 100/Cs
11212440X46 1.8Mil Black 100/Cs
11212543X48 1.7Mil White 50/Cs
11212624X32 1.3M Red 500/Cs
11213124X30 3Mil Clear 100/Cs
11213238X65 Clear 2.5 Mil 5/10
11213333X39.8Mil White 6/25/Cs
11213543X48 16Mic Black 8/25/Cs
11213640X48 16Mic Natural 10/25/Cs
112137Him Hdpe 40X48 16Mic Liner Natural Coreless Rl 250/CsHimolene Coreless Roll Liner, Natural, 40 X 48, 16 mic. 40-45 gal, 10/25/cs. Convenient rolls of liners - for portion control, portability, and ease of use. Food contact use approved - FDA Reg. 21 CFR 177.1520. Coreless roll dispenser available.
11213824X33 8Mic Black 20/50/Cs
11213929X42 Blue 250/Cs
11214130X37 10Mic Black 20/25/Cs
11214224X24 6Mic Black 20/50/Cs
11214337X46 12Mic Black 10/25/Cs
112146H5242Yb 18X8X42 .9Mil Black 200/Cs
11214722X16X58 1.5Mil Black 100/Cs
11214838X60 17Mic Black 8/25/Cs
11215043X47 Clear 1.3Mil 100/Cs (115)
11215115X9X32 .7Mil Clear 500/Cs
11215222X16X58 .9Mil Clear 4/25/Cs
112153H32W 33X45 1.4Mil White 200/Cs
11215436X58 1.3Mil Black 100/Cs
11215624X33 8Mic Natural 20/50/Cs
11216022X16X58 1.1Mil Clear 100/Cs
11216624X27 6Mic Lin 20/50/Cs
11217224 X25 Clear 500/Cs Rubbermaid 5002
11217324X30 Clear 500/Cs Rubbermaid 5003
11217433X41 Gray 300/ Cs
11217534X39 Gray 300/Cs
11217637X46 Gray 200/Cs Rubbermaid 5008
11217736X62 Gray 100/ Rubbermaid
11217840X48 Gr 100 Rubbermaid
11217943X50 Gray 100/ Rubbermaid 5013
11218043X50 Clear 100/ Rubbermaid 5013
11218145X50 Grey Rubbermaid 5028 100/Cs
112184P4830Xc Clear Autoclave 24X30 1.8Ml 200/Cs
11218537X46 12Mic Natural 10/25/Cs
11219316X14X36 .7Mil Clear 10/25/
11220238X58 1.2Mil Gray 5/10/Cs
11220636X55 2.5Mil Black Repro Flt 50/Cs
11220740X46 1Mil Black Repro 100/Cs Flt
11220838X58 3Mil Black Repro 50/Cs Flat Pack
11221030X43 1Mil Blue Prnt 8/25/ Star Seal
11222530X37 14Mic Black 20/25/Cs
11222624X24 8Mic Black 20/50/Cs
11223431X41 1.2Mil Blue Prt Linen Bag 1C/1S Random 250/Cs Flat
11223638X60 25Mic Blue 150/Cs (135)"Soiled Linen"
112290Z4833Mnx01 24X33 11MicNatural 1000/Cs
11229224X24 12Mic Red Prt 1000/Cs
11229440X48 16Mic Red Prt 250/Cs
11229521X22 .35Mil Clear 1000/ (185)
112296A6043Px 21X9X43 1.3Mil Blue 200/ "Soiled Linen
11229722X16X58 .9Mil Black 100/ (151)
112300P7647Xc 38X47 1.8Mil Clear 100/Cs Autoclave Bag
112346H8647Egro1 43X47 .75M Gray 8/25/
112347A8046Prr 40X46 1.3Mil Red 8/25
11234845X55 1Mil Gray 100/Cs Packed Loose
11234940X46 1.2Mil Clear Repro 10/25/Cs
11235040X46 1.2Mil Clear Repro 10/25/Cs
11235140X46 1Mil Clear 6/25/Cs
11235650X48 Compac 50/Cs
11235737X46 14Mic Natural 10/25/Cs
11235823.5X42 13Mic Gray 20/25/C (115)
112365Z2065Xnr01 60X65 15Mic Natural 50/R
112367Bor 40X48 20Mic Natural 150/Cs
11236823.5X42 1.1 Mil Clear 10/25 Recylce
112369608430N 60X84 30Mic 50/Cs
11237328X44 17Mic Yellow Prt 10/25
11237415X9X32 1Mil Hevi-Tough Black500.8
11237530X36 1.5Mil Black Hevi-Tough 250 Roll
11237633X39 1.5Mil Black Hevi-Tough 150/Cs
11237838X58 1.5Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100/Cs
11237936X58 1.5Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100 /Cs Flat Pack
11238038X58 2Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100/Cs
11238140X46 1.5Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100
11238240X46 2Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100/Cs
11238343X47 1.5Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100
11238443X47 2Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100/Cs
11238543X47 2Mil Black Hevi-Tough 100/Cs
11238643X49 1.5Mil Lt Blue 4/25/Cs
11239143X48 3Mil Black 50/Cs (60)
11239410X14 .9Mil Clear 1000/Cs
11239539X46 4Mil Clear 100/Cs (30)
11240030X37 1.5Mil Clear 200/Cs
112402H8050Ak 40X50 1.5Mil Black 100/Cs
11240326X24X60 2Mil Black Repro Gus 50/ Fl
11240427X33 8Mic Black Star 20/50/Cs
112505Him 243312N 24X33 12Mic Nat 12-16Gl
11257316X14X37 Clear Bag 1.5Mil 200/Cs
11287526X43 Natural 14Mic 250/Cs
11490740X46 1.1Mil Black 5/20/Cs (100)
11495938X58 .65Mil Black 8/25/Cs
11496743X47 1.8 Mil Clear 100/Cs
114968H6036Tbl 30X36 .9Mil Black 200/Cs
122391FDA 57X41X96 1.5Mil Clear 50/Rl
126616Z8048Vn 40X48 16Mic Natural 250/Cs
12724228X50 19 Mic Natural 250/Cs