Product IDProduct Description Description
1099765510R 10Qt Bucket
1132022614 Brute Bucket Round 14Qt Red 6/C
1132152617 Double Pail 17Qt Gray 6/Cs
1132182628 Double Pail 19Qt Gray 62629 Double Pail. An easy-to-use cleaning system. Synthetic sponge mop heads. Handle mounted lever allows for squeeze-action wringing. Refill heads available. Double pail for separation of cleaning solution and rinse water.
1132192963 Brute Bucket Round 10 Qt Red
1132237570 Mop Bucket Yellow 26-35Qt
1132347575Dp Mop Wring Yellow 16-32Oz
1132357576 Combo Pac Yellow 6118/88-7575
113404Combo Pac Blue 7570/61277588-887588 Mopping Combo Pack, 7570 Mop Bucket/6127-01 Wringer. The leading products in hard floor care. Predominantly plastic, non-marking casters for reduced touch-up cleaning. Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. Color coded systems, for reduced potential of cross contamination. EZMTâ„¢ foot activated emptying mechanism on 6186, 7578 and 7581.
114842H136 Invader 60" Mop Handl 12CsH136 Invader® Wet Mop Handle, Large Plastic Head, Vinyl-covered Aluminum Handle. Invader® Wet Mop Handle’s hinged side gate allows mop to easily slide on and off handle. Gripper® Wet Mop Handles hold mop firmly between the jaws of the mop handle. Rubbermaid® Invader® & Gripper® heads contain antimicrobial product protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odors and stains. Available in wood, vinyl-clad aluminum, lightweight aluminum or fiberglass in 54" (137.2 cm) and 60" (152.4 cm) lengths. Invader® handle’s thumb wheel clamps the mop firmly in place and uses 1" (2.5 cm) headband mops only. Gripper® handle uses 5" (12.7 cm) headband mops only.
114844H116 Invader Wood Handle 12/Cs /$175.67 DOZ
114847E050 Finish Sys Starter Kit 1/CE050 Finish System Starter Kit, includes bucket w/ handle, lid, 2 sieves, 4 casters, 6 mops and frame. Helps ensure controlled absorption and release of finish. Delivers 200-300 square feet (18.6 m-27.9 m) of coverage with a single mop load of finish. Tightly-twisted, rayon/synthetic blend looped-end mop absorbs and releases finish smoothly and evenly. Re-sealable Finish System Bucket keeps finish fresh until next job, saving time and operating costs. Smooth, non-porous bucket cleans easily, reducing time spent on stripping traditional mop bucket/wringer combinations.
114848E051 Finish Bucket W/Lid, Hdl, Sieve
115564Clencher 60" Wood Handle
1207476149 60" FiberglassMop Handle 10/CsHinged side gate for easy mop replacement. Thumb release mechanism permits mop replacement without touching dirty mop. Durable, lightweight fiberglass handle. Use with 1" (2.5 cm) headband mops only.
1207716194 Pail & Strainer Steel Stl 6C
121065Ett Super Bucket W/Hdl 2/CsSuper Bucket. The Ettore indestructible soft-walled 6-gallon (25.4 liters) bucket never cracks under pressure and accommodates washers up to 18" long. Options include convenient roll-around casters, drain-sieve and lid.
127046H226 Gripper Aluminum Handle 60" 12/Cs